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Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade - For the Extra Boost

Alone or in Combination with other GMP Collagenases

Neutral Protease is a metalloprotease that can cleave peptide bonds in proteins such as collagen, proteoglycan, fibronectin, elastin etc. Due to these properties, it is suitable for the isolation of a broad range of cell types by tissue dissociation. In combination with Collagenase NB 1 GMP GradeNeutral Protease NB GMP Grade is especially suited for isolation of islets of Langerhans from human pancreas. However, Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade can also be used in combination with Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade for applications like tissue engineering and transplantation into humans which have to meet GMP requirements .

Product Information

OriginClostridium histolyticum
CompositionContains chromatographically purified neutral protease
Molecular weight34 kDa
Special featuresManufactured according to international GMP guidelines
Microbiological examinationEndotoxin* ≤ 100 EU/mg
Absence of Clostridia
TAMC (Total Aerobic Microbial Count) ≤ 10/Vial
TYMC (Total Yeasts/ Moulds Count) ≤ 10/Vial
ActivitiesNeutral Protease ≥ 100 U/Vial (DMC assay**)
Neutral Protease ≥ 0.50 U/mg lyophilisate (DMC assay**)
Storage conditions+2 °C to +8 °C
Shipping conditionsAt ambient temperature worldwide
Intended useFor clinical applications

Unit definition: 
*Endotoxin: Ph. Eur. (1 Endotoxin Unit is equal to 1 International Unit of a WHO approved reference standard endotoxin (RSE)).

**Neutral Protease: 
1 DMC Unit catalyzes the cleavage of 1 µmol peptide bond from dimethylcasein per minute at 25 °C, pH 7.0, expressed in terms of newly formed terminal amino groups, determined with TNBS1.


  1. Lin, Y.-C. et al. (1969) J. Biol. Chem. 244, 789-93.

Related Products

For cell isolation, Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade is often used in combination with Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade. Nordmark also offers animal-free products, Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade and Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade, which are completely free of any animal-based components, excluding the risk of transmission of potential animal-derived pathogens. For research purposes, Nordmark provides the research grade alternatives Neutral Protease NBand Collagenase NB 1 Premium Grade.

Ordering Information

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Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade N0002936≥ 100 DMC*InquireWebshoplink


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Safety Information

Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH315 - H317 - H319 - H334 - H335
ReactionP302 +P352 - P304 +P340 - P305 +P351 +P338 - P342 +P311 - P362 +P364

EINECS: 232-642-4 • WGK: 1 • HS: 35079090 • EC  • CAS [9001-92-7]

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