Nordmark Pharma GmbH

Innovation „made in Germany“

Nordmark Pharma GmbH—specialist in biopharmaceutical active ingredients and drug products

Nordmark is a specialist in manufacturing biopharmaceutical active ingredients and drug products. With this expertise the company has successfully positioned itself internationally. Nordmark has a leading position worldwide in the production of pancreatin and collagenase.

Biology and biotechnology

Our technologies include the extraction of biological raw materials (e.g. for obtaining the enzyme pancreatin), microbial fermentation (e.g. collagenase for isolating stem cells) and the extraction of active ingredients from cell cultures (e.g. for antibodies). These substances come very close to the natural processes in the human body.

Specialised know-how

Over more than 90 years, Nordmark has developed profound know-how in the development, production and analysis of biological and biotechnological substances. These are acknowledged and certified by regulatory authorities worldwide.

One major field of application for Nordmark's active ingredients and drug products is gastroenterology. Pancreatic enzymes, for example, allow patients with severe diseases of the pancreas to reabsorb the vital nutrients from food again. Also children with cystic fibrosis start to digest their food better, begin to gain weight, grow and become more resilient overall.

From a single source

Nordmark places great value to long-term partnerships with its global customers from the pharmaceutical industry. If the customer desires, we will offer support along the entire value chain. This includes project management from initial contact, process development, pharmaceutical development, production of clinical trial medication, regulatory support and, of course, the regular market supply. Customers appreciate Nordmark's one face to the customer' philosophy. This means that one central project manager looks after the customer and coordinates all internal processes.

This combination of special expertise with customised care for our customers has recently led to a significant increase in requests and cooperation offers to use Nordmark's biopharmaceutical know-how in areas such as metabolic diseases and oncology. Thus newer technologies such as the isolation and proliferation of stem cells are also becoming more important.

Innovation as the Company´s DNA

We focus on innovation and quality awareness — and have done over the last 90 years. The almost 600 employees and their wealth of experience are the supporting pillars for this. In order to constantly develop our products, manufacturing processes and analytics we build on a good mix: Experienced specialists are joined by new colleagues with special expertise. This creates an atmosphere of constant optimisation and innovation. Our employees experience this as a variety of development and qualification opportunities.

Nordmark Pharma GmbH: A real 'hidden champion' with fascinating prospects!