Microskopic Image of human adipocytes

Application of Collagenase NB - by Cell Type

Nordmark offers high quality Collagenase NB products which are particularly suitable for cell isolation from various tissues. Stringent production standards result in reliable lot-to-lot consistency and excellent performance. Nordmark Collagenase NB is the first choice for researchers aiming for high yield of viable cells.

In this section application details are presented for cell types which have been successfully isolated with Nordmark Collagenase NB products:

Acinar cells Epithelial cellsMuscle cells
Amniotic cellsHepatocytesOocytes
CardiomyocytesIslets of LangerhansOsteoblasts
ChondrocytesLeukocytesSchwann cells
Chorion cellsLung cellsStem cells
Endometrial cellsMastocytesTumor
Endothelial cellsMelanoma cells 

If your cell type is not listed please contact us for more protocol details! 

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General Remarks on Isolation Conditions

In general,  the required Collagenase NB concentration depends on tissue type and origin as well as isolation procedure. Suggested concentrations should be considered as starting points and progress of the digestion process should be monitored visually in order to determine the optimal conditions.
We recommend dosing Collagenase NB by activity (PZ units), not by weight. Nordmark guarantees a high lot-to-lot consistency; however, small variations may occur. Therefore, dosing by activity ensures consistent results for your cell isolation process. 
For further information on optimization of tissue digestion please visit our support section!

Isolation of Cells for Transplantation into Humans

Enzymes for tissue digestion are critical raw materials for tissue engineering and transplantation into humans. Nordmark Biochemicals offers superior GMP Grade Collagenase NB products which are manufactured according to current GMP guidelines by the German pharmaceutical company Nordmark.  For further information please contact us!