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Who is Nordmark Biochemicals?

             This is us!
             A short introduction about our division and our Collagenase NB 

             Translational Collagenase NB?
             What is it and how can I use it in my application? 

FAQ Videos

             Learn everything about buffers, temperature, pH and inhibitors
             for your Collagenase NB product

             Storage for Collagenase NB products:
             Do's and Don'ts inclusive and helpful tips

             First steps with you Collagenase NB:
             How to dissolve and prepare a stock solution

Sponsored by Nordmark Biochemicals

If you want to learn more about in vitro GMP expansion and the quality criteria of adipose-derived MSCs for therapeutic use, please have a look at two outstanding presentations from the iCAST conference by Dr. Gianni Soldati, President of the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, and Dr. Jeremy Magalon, Assistant Professor in the Cell Therapy Department at the Hospital Marseille.

             ICAST 2021:
             Defining new criteria for stomal vascular fraction

             ICAST 2021:
             In vitro GMP-expansion of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The following presentation was held by Jonathan Lakey at the IPITA conference in 2021. Here, he compared Nordmark's GMP grade collagenases to Sigma's Type V enzyme showing significant improvement in islet cell yield when using Nordmark enzymes.

             IPITA 2021:
             Comparison of crude and GMP collagenase for isolation of pre-
             weaned pig islets