About Nordmark Biochemicals

Who is Nordmark Biochemicals?

Nordmark Biochemicals is an integrated division of the pharmaceutical company Nordmark Pharma GmbH. We offer products for nearly every cell isolation application and provide translational enzymes - research and GMP grades– to simplify the path from research to clinic.

Nordmark Pharma was founded in 2001 as the result of a management buyout from the BASF Group. Now, as an independent pharmaceutical enterprise inspired by the organisation and high quality standards of our former parent company, we successfully develop, produce and procure biological active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products through all stages of the value chain.

Until the end of 2017, the Collagenase NB products were distributed by SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany. Since Nordmark Biochemicals came ”on board” in January 2018, Nordmark Pharma combines production, logistics and marketing on site.

Where is Nordmark Biochemicals located?

As the world’s largest collagenase manufacturer, Nordmark Pharma operates a production plant specifically built for collagenase manufacturing purposes. This campus is located in Uetersen near Hamburg, Germany.

Everything takes place at this site - from manufacturing to packaging and shipping. Even our regulatory department and team of experienced product managers work in the same building to shorten the information flow. We are the direct link between customers, manufacturing and the regulatory department.

Why Collagenase from Nordmark Biochemicals?

The collagenase products are manufactured for two different applications: As active ingredients for wound treatment ointments (Collagenase N Powder) and as biochemicals (Collagenase NB) for use in analytical and medical tissue engineering laboratories.

Since 2002, Nordmark Pharma has been producing different grades of Collagenase NB products, which are particularly suitable for cell isolation from various tissues. These isolated cells are then used for numerous clinical and research applications. To meet the required stringent specifications, Nordmark Pharma produces Collagenase NB in a facility specially constructed and qualified only for this purpose. All production steps take place in compliance with current international GMP guidelines.