The 4 managing directors of Nordmark Pharma GmbH (2024)

Management Team Nordmark

Our philosophy

Sustainable and open: That´s the way we face the future

As a leading manufacturer of biopharmaceutical active ingredients and medicinal products we know how to successfully exploit synergies between new product ideas, their development and their industrial production. That´s what makes us special: Our expertise and the ability to develop and implement quickly and safely all steps necessary for a production.

Fair and future-oriented: That´s the way we think and act

We value long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We live a straightforward, human interaction with one another.

Our employees know that too. Nordmark owes its success to their commitment, competence and creativity. It is therefore very important to us to continue promoting our employees and to ensure secure jobs with attractive career opportunities.

The conscientious handling of people and the environment is an integral part of our everyday work. The continuous improvement of working conditions and environmental standards is one of our top corporate goals.


In the future, our production will rely even more on digitisation. This allows us to evaluate and document production data promptly. Safe, qualified work—supported by safe data management—ultimately serves the safety of our patients worldwide.

Jörg Clemens, Chief Operating Officer


A clear set of goals: That´s what we pursue

We have set us a clear vision for the Nordmark´s future:

  • The technologies we want to be successful with.
  • The therapeutic fields we want to be active in.

This definition allows us to invest specifically in the skills needed in our focus areas.

As a typical 'hidden champion' we know exactly what our technological strengths are.

Our ongoing task is to continuously expand these and to increase our efficiency.