New Technologies

We think ahead

Nordmark obtains its biopharmaceutical active ingredients from:

  • Classical biological extraction
  • Microbial fermentation
  • Mammalian cell culture

Modern cell therapy breaks new ground: here, an active ingredient is not obtained with the help of cells - the cells themselves become the active ingredient.

This requires, for example, the isolation of stem cells. For this specific purpose, the various types of collagenases from Nordmark Biochemicals can reliably be applied. Subsequently, the isolated cells are multiplied. Expertise in this field is also of growing interest in Nordmark's biotechnology center.   

Cells are also used in new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. In this case, they are so-called "good" intestinal bacteria. Converting a large number of these bacteria into a stable pharmaceutical form in consistent quantities and without damage is a challenge that we at Nordmark have already mastered.