Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade- For Islet Isolation

For Pancreatic Cell Isolation and other GMP Applications

Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade is a highly purified collagenase grade. This product is used for isolation of sensitive cells and guarantees high yields and viability. In combination with Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade, Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade is especially applicable to isolation of pancreatic islets of Langerhans. Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade is recommended for applications like tissue engineering and transplantation into humans which have to meet GMP requirements.

Product Information

OriginClostridium histolyticum
CompositionCollagenase class l and class ll1
Molecular weight70 – 120 kDa (collagenases)
Special featuresManufactured according to international GMP guidelines
Microbiological examinationEndotoxin* ≤ 10 EU/mg
Absence of Clostridia
TAMC (Total Aerobic Microbial Count) ≤ 10/Vial
TYMC (Total Yeasts/ Moulds Count) ≤ 10/Vial
ActivitiesCollagenase ≥ 2000 U/Vial (PZ** activity according to Wünsch, 25 °C)
Collagenase ≥ 3.000 U/mg lyophilisate  (PZ**activity according to Wünsch, 25 °C)
Neutral Protease ≤ 0.05 U/mg lyophilisate (DMC assay***)
Storage conditions+2 °C to +8 °C
Shipping conditionsAt ambient temperature worldwide
Intended useFor clinical applications

Unit definition: 

*Endotoxin: Ph. Eur. (1 Endotoxin Unit is equal to 1 International Unit of a WHO approved reference standard endotoxin (RSE)).

**PZ Unit (acc. to Wünsch2): 
1 U according to Wünsch catalyzes the hydrolysis of 1 µmol 4-phenylazobenzyloxycarbonyl-L-prolyl-L-leucylglycyl-L-prolyl-D-arginine per minute at 25 °C, pH 7.1.

***Neutral Protease: 
1 DMC Unit catalyzes the cleavage of 1 µmol peptide bond from dimethylcasein per minute at 25 °C, pH 7.0, expressed in terms of newly formed terminal amino groups, determined with TNBS.3


  1.  Bond, M.D. & van Wart, H.E. (1984) Biochemistry 233077-3091
  2.  Wünsch, E. & Heidrich, H.G. (1963) Hoppe-Seyler's Z. Physiol. Chem. 333, 149-51
  3. Lin, Y.-C. et al. (1969) J. Biol. Chem. 244, 789-93.

Related Products

Collagenase NB 1 GMP Grade is often used in combination with Neutral Protease NB GMP Grade. Nordmark also offers Collagenase AF-1 GMP Grade and Neutral Protease AF GMP Grade which are completely free of any animal-based components, excluding the risk of transmission of potential animal-derived pathogens. For research purposes, Nordmark also provides the research grade alternatives Collagenase NB 1 Premium Grade and Neutral Protease NB.

Ordering Information

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Collagenase NB 1 GMP GradeN0002937≥ 2000 U*InquireWebshoplink


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Safety Information

Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH315 - H317 - H319 - H334 - H335
ReactionP302 +P352 - P304 +P340 - P305 +P351 +P338 - P342 +P311 - P362 +P364

EINECS: 232-582-9 • WGK: 1 • HS: 35079090 • EC  • CAS [9001-12-1]

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