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Isolation of Oocytes with Collagenase NB

Protocol Recommendations

In the following, application details for isolation of oocytes from ovaries of frogs (Xenopus) are presented.


SpeciesApplication FieldEnzymesExperimental ConditionsDownloads
FrogResearchCollagenase NB 4G Proved Grade0.3 - 0.5 PZ U/ml,
1.5 - 2 h, RT

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Brief Product Information

Collagenase NB 4G Proved Grade
This product has an activity of ≥ 0.18 PZ U/mg and a balanced mix of proteolytic side activities.

Isolation Note

The suggested Nordmark Collagenase NB concentrations and isolation conditions should be regarded as starting points. Collagenase NB dosage is recommended in PZ units and DMC units for Neutral Protease NB to ensure consistent results.
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