Facts & Figures

Worth knowing about Nordmark

Sales revenue

  • 2022: about € 110 m
  • Volume of investment and maintenance since 2001 over € 210 m      


Nordmark employs about 600 people. Our employees and their high qualification cover all the core competences of our business. We are therefore not dependent on external resources. Nordmark particulary promotes young talents in order to ensure a consistently high level of qualification. In 2018 Nordmark was awarded by the Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce as a 'Top Training Company'.

Geographical data

Corporate site175,000 m2
Landscaped areas120,018 m2
Built volume223,647 m3
Production area11,550 m2


Production of ready-to-use medicines in 2020

Solid forms745 t
Ointments & gels89 t
Packages15.3 m

Nordmark ist the world’s largest collagenase manufacturer.

Clean rooms for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs

Nordmark runs various clean rooms of classes A-D according to EN ISO 14644.    

Energy consumption and supply

Since April 2012, Nordmark has had a gas-fired combined heat and power unit (CHP). With the CHP and other energy-saving measures, Nordmark reduces CO2 emissions by 3,200 t per year. By implementing appropriate energy-saving measures, energy consumption is to be reduced by 30 per cent.

Nordmark has developed an energy-saving time system for air processing in the production area. Here, the air is continuously maintained at the same high quality standard during working hours and reduced to a necessary quality standard during non-working hours.

Occupational safety, environmental protection, energy and waste management

Occupational safety, environmental protection and waste disposal are important areas of the company. At Nordmark the department 'Safety and Environment' is responsible for this. This section is also responsible for defensive fire protection  (with our own fire brigade), data protection as well as obtaining the certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management systems). In addition, they also perform the necessary officer functions.

The provision of charging points for our electric company cars is a matter of course for us.

The waste management is also in the hands of the department. Waste is sorted by type before disposal. More than 90 per cent of the waste is recycled by external waste disposal companies for materials, raw materials or energy. Biological methods such as biogas generation are preferably used. Further examples of our functioning occupational safety, environmental and energy management system are:

  • Extinguishing water retention system
  • Use of biofilters
  • No use of pesticides nor biocides
  • Extensive technical and organisational energy efficiency measures
  • High level of occupational health and safety

Technical challenges

Nordmark employs a highly qualified team of eight engineers with special expertise in process development and optimisation. The team is particularly involved in the conception, planning and construction of demanding technical pharmaceutical projects, such as the construction of the air conditioning system in our biotechnology centre. The team also develops and delivers corresponding concept studies for comparable projects.