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Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade- For Stem Cell Isolation

For Human ADSCs, Chondrocytes and Fibroblasts

Collagenases NB 6 GMP Grade from Clostridium histolyticum is a natural mixture of enzymatic activities and consists of collagenase class I and class II, neutral protease and clostripain. It is used for tissue dissociation such as isolation of human ADSCs, stem cells, chondrocytes, fibroblasts, neuronal and endothelial cells. This collagenase is manufactured under highest standards and is ideal for applications which have to meet GMP requirements like tissue engineering and transplantation.

Product Information

OriginClostridium histolyticum
CompositionCollagenase class I and class II1 as well as proteolytic activities such as neutral protease and clostripain
Molecular weight70 – 120 kDa (collagenases)  
Special featuresManufactured according to international GMP guidelines
Sterile according to European Pharmacopoeia
Microbiological examinationEndotoxin*:
Sterility (Ph. Eur.)
Absence of Clostridia
ActivitiesCollagenase activity: ≥ 0.100 PZ U/mg lyophilisate (PZ activity** acc. to Wünsch, 25 °C)
Storage conditions+2 °C to +8 °C
Shipping conditionsAt ambient temperature worldwide
Intended useFor clinical applications

*EndotoxinPh. Eur. (1 Endotoxin Unit is equal to 1 International Unit of a WHO approved reference standard endotoxin (RSE)).

**PZ Unit (acc. to Wünsch2):
1 U according to Wünsch catalyzes the hydrolysis of 1 µmol 4-phenylazobenzyloxycarbonyl-L-prolyl-L-leucylglycyl-L-prolyl-D-arginine per minute at 25 °C, pH 7.1.


  1.  Bond, M.D. & van Wart, H.E. (1984) Biochemistry 233077-3091
  2.  Wünsch, E. & Heidrich, H.G. (1963) Hoppe-Seyler's Z. Physiol. Chem. 333, 149-51

Related Products

Since Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade is designed for clinical applications under GMP requirements, Nordmark also offers an equivalent product for initial protocol and application development. Collagenase NB 4 Standard Grade has comparable enzymatic properties to Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade and is a cost effective alternative for protocol optimization. If a sterile product is needed, Collagenase NB 5 Sterile Grade may also be used in order to establish protocols.

Ordering Information

Product NameCat. No. SizeContact usOrder
Collagenase NB 6 GMP GradeN0002880100 mgInquirehttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27226576/
Collagenase NB 6 GMP GradeN0002779 1 gInquirehttps://ak2elkn1k.accounts.ondemand.com/saml2/idp/sso/ak2elkn1k.accounts.ondemand.com


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Safety Information

Signal wordDANGER
Hazard statementsH315 - H317 - H319 - H334 - H335
ReactionP302 +P352 - P304 +P340 - P305 +P351 +P338 - P342 +P311 - P362 +P364

EINECS: 232-582-9 • WGK: 1 • HS: 35079090 • EC  • CAS [9001-12-1]

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