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We are celebrating!

10 Years of Successful Islet Cell Isolation

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Werner Creutzfeldt Doctoral Scholarship 2022

At the general meeting of the DPC on 03.03.2023, Mr Kaan Cifcibasi from Munich was awarded the Werner Creutzfeldt Doctoral Scholarship 2022.

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New generation of packaging - for a sustainable future

Nordmark Biochemicals starts using packaging from plant-based, renewable sources for shipping enzymes

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Happy 20th Anniversary, Collagenase NB!

Nordmark Biochemicals is celebrating 20 year of Collagenase NB enzymes

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New webshop - new opportunities

Nordmark Biochemicals goes digital - visit our new webshop

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We are creating healthy futures.

Our image campaign is on air!

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Do You Know Lisa?

Biopharmaceutical know-how is concentrated here in Uetersen–from development to approval.
Why all this? For patients like Lisa!

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Nordmark Biochemicals at the iCAST Congress 2021

From fat to stem cells – New challenges in manufacturing and classification

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