Start for our new apprentices 2022

Since August 1, our apprentice team has been strengthened by 13 new apprentices and one dual student. This is the first time we have set a record - never before have so many new talents started their apprenticeship with us in Uetersen!!!  We are delighted that they are finally here and can't wait to support them as they start their careers.  

During the introductory week, they got to know Nordmark from its many different sides. For example, there were tours of the production area, the laboratory and the engineering machine rooms. In addition, the apprentices were directly introduced to the topics of fire protection and environment & safety. But one of the many highlights was the joint lunch with the trainers in the company canteen and the hand fire extinguishing exercise with the plant fire department.
But from whom can we expect a better judgment than from the trainees themselves. So here is some first-hand feedback from our new recruits:


  • Personally, I liked it best that we got to know all the apprentices from different departments. I also found the tours and team games very interesting, as it was very varied. The introductory week gave me a good overview of our company and a sense of togetherness.
  • The introductory week was very well organized. We were given time to get to know the company and the tasks we would be facing. In general, there was always a friendly atmosphere. The trainers were also very friendly and open and did not hesitate to answer any questions.
  • Personally, what I liked most was how quickly you got to know the company. You quickly feel integrated and aren't thrown straight into the deep end. I also found it very nice that you were even invited by the company for the first two days in the canteen.
  • The week was very informative and fun. I especially remember the tasks that we trainees had to solve together with our trainers. The tours were exciting and it's nice to already know some of our great colleagues.
  • For me, the introductory week was very informative. I thought it was great that so much time was taken for the introduction. You received a lot of important information about the company. The activities we did together gave us a chance to get to know each other. I liked the tours the most, they gave me a good insight.
  • I thought the time was mega because you got to know a lot of new people. I also really liked the exercise with the fire extinguisher, because it made me a little safer when I went into a dangerous situation.
  • During the introductory days, we were able to gain a lot of information about this, which also meant that many questions were answered directly. I also found it really pleasant that we trainees were received and welcomed in such a friendly manner. We were able to meet a lot of new people and it seemed as if everyone was happy to meet us. In general, I really like the harmonious atmosphere at Nordmark and I think that this makes it much easier to work together with colleagues.

Dear apprentices, we are very happy that you are here and wish you much success in your apprenticeship!