Basic laboratory training for our Pharmaceutical Technician class of 2020

We are the Pharmaceutical Technician class of 2020 and are currently at the end of the second year of our apprenticeship. Since the final exam part 1 is just around the corner, we have the opportunity to prepare additionally at the Covestro company in Brunsbüttel in the training laboratory. 

Thanks to Nordmark, we have the opportunity to train specifically in the laboratory area. The 4-week laboratory internship provided us with the basic knowledge and in-depth knowledge for the practical part of the exam. Among other things we got to know different methods for density determination, quantitative and qualitative analyses as well as the cooking of preparations. For example, we prepared acetylsalicylic acid, better known as the active ingredient aspirin. We also learned how to neutralize acids and bases. Not only brainpower, but also manual skills were required when setting up apparatus for our experiments.

The basic laboratory training gave us a clear advantage over our classmates from other companies in practical and theoretical work at the vocational school. Not only our specialized knowledge was expanded here, but also our personal skills such as independence, reliability, problem-solving ability and many other things. In the process, the on-site instructor from Covestro is always on hand to help us with questions and obstacles.

After work comes pleasure. So that we don't have to commute between Uetersen and Brunsbüttel every day during the basic laboratory internship, Nordmark provides us with on-site accommodation. This has made our daily commute easier and shorter. This allows us to form a better group dynamic among ourselves and to cook together after work and let the evening fade away.

In summary, the basic lab training is a great asset to our education. We feel well prepared for the upcoming exams and would highly recommend everyone to participate in this internship attentively.

We all feel that we have made the right choice with Nordmark for our vocational training.


Written by: Alina, Markus, Fabian and Gina