Career Orientation for Children and Teenager

School's Out! Any Plans?

Career Orientation for Children and Teenager

First Digital Event for Nordmark Employees

In Germany, there are over 18,600 study paths at more than 400 universities. In addition, there are more than 450 officially recognized apprenticeships. Making the right choice here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, it is all the more important, to accompany children and teenager on their "journey after leaving school". Did you know that parents and family members in particular play an important role here? According to a study, for example, 63% of the students surveyed said that their parents had supported them in their choice of career.

In the "current times", the usual career orientation events are cancelled for many students. Furthermore, job fairs have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. However, the questions remain unanswered:

  • Which websites can provide information about study paths?
  • What is a gap year?
  • How long does an apprenticeship last? 
  • Does the Federal Volunteer Service still exist?

This makes the support of parents and family members even more important.

Therefore, we have invited our colleagues for the first time to a digital information event "career guidance for children and young people". In particular, we talked about the role of parents during career orientation and the four phases of career orientation (Thuringian model). Furthermore, we have presented our employees different online support services for the individual phases of career orientation.

Another important component of the event was the apprenticeship at Nordmark. If you are also curious about which apprenticeships we offer, learn more here.

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