New webshop - new opportunities

New webshop – new opportunities

The new Nordmark Biochemicals webshop has been up and running since September 1, 2022, and we are thrilled that we made it to the final step.

Making the ordering process easier and faster - especially for our customers but for us as well - involved working with different partners, numerous meetings/tests, sleepless nights, and a huge amount of coffee. We started our project in September 2021 and it took us 12 months to complete. We are proud to be able to present the webshop to you now.

You might ask yourself, what is the benefit for me?

For you, as our customer, our new webshop offers the following great advantages:

  • Swifter handling: We can process your order faster and the products will reach you more quickly.
  • The best price always: You will be able to take advantage of regular promotions – like the 10 % discount on every order during the first 4 months after the launch.
  • Pricing at-a-glance: Simply adjust your data and immediately get an overview of all prices.
  • Easier & faster ordering: Use your order templates to place a new order.
  • Order history: Use your account to see the status of your order(s) and have a better overview of all orders placed.

Our expertise is, of course, still available to you at any time! We will remain your contact for all matters and will continue to keep you up to date about our product portfolio and applications. Our promise: everything is new – even for us – but our service quality will remain the same. Be a part of our new ordering process! Get started - register here to benefit from its advantages.

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