New generation of packaging - for a sustainable future

We’re contributing to a sustainable future –
with new, eco-friendly packaging!

At Nordmark Biochemicals, we’ve made a commitment to environmental sustainability – first with our animal-free enzymes and now with our transition to a new generation of packaging produced from plant-based, renewable sources.

Our new containers are derived from sugarcane, which absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows and is then converted to ethanol for processing. The result is a product that is nearly CO2-neutral.

Even better – after use, these containers are 100 % recyclable!

And… since they are smaller than our previous packaging, there will be less material needed and we can fit more containers in a package for shipping. That translates to fewer or smaller shipping packages, and a reduced CO2 and recycling footprint.

Look for our Collagenase NB 6 GMP Grade 1 g and 100 mg as well as our Collagenase NB 5 Sterile Grade – already available in their new container

Over time we plan to transition more and more of our products to this environmentally-sound packaging.

We’ll keep you posted on our next contributions to sustainability!


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