Micro Tablets vs. Pellets

Enteric-coated micro tablets – simple and accurate dosage

Unlike pellets, micro tablets have a uniform shape and the active pharmaceutical ingredient content of each tablet is precisely defined and similar. The advantage: microfilm tablets can be dosed easily and precisely by counting.

Pancreatin pellets – lots of API, small size!

The core of our pancreatin pellets is free of additional excipients and, apart from the coating, consists of 100 per cent active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The advantage: you get significantly more API activity units in one capsule than would be possible with micro tablets. This means that you can work with smaller capsules to achieve the same dosage of active pharmaceutical ingredient units.

Properties of pancreatin pellets and micro tablets

 PelletsMicro Tablets

Basic data manufacturing 

Extrusion und Spheronisation

Mixing of dried and ground pancreatin with excipients

followed by tabletting

API content (core)

100 %

Depending on formulation


Water based, enteric coated

Water based, enteric coated

Particle size

Available in two classes:
1,0  - 1,6 mm / 
1,4  -  2,4 mm

2 mm

Specific activity
(per gram)



Capsule size



Maximum available Lipolytic activity dose / capsule
(Ph. Eur. units)

Up to 40.000/size 0 elongated

Up to 36.000 / size 00