With Us, Your Fosterlings are in the Best Hands!

We Care about Your Child

A New Chapter in Life Starts

In order to make the start of the new phase of our apprentices' lives as pleasant as possible, our training begins with so-called 'Welcome Days'. We make sure that all new apprentices get to know each other well. We also use the first week to explain organisational matters—no question should remain unanswered! Because more than 600 new faces can be quite overwhelming for young people we have introduced a mentoring programme. All our new apprentices are assigned a mentor at the beginning of their training so that they have someone they can trust—and never feel alone.

During their training our apprentices are supported by experienced and committed trainers. A so-called 'Flow Plan' ensures that your child knows at all times what tasks to expect in the near future.

To ensure that our apprentices receive the best possible training, we finance numerous external courses, for example at the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy or at Covestro in Brunsbüttel.

"People don't talk about money"? We do! Our young talents are paid according to the ChemieNord collective agreement:

First year€ 1,018
Second year€ 1,063
Third year€ 1,106
Fourth year€ 1,151

With 30 days of holiday per year and a holiday allowance of € 700 we ensure that your child can also recover regularly from all the new impressions.

Our apprenticeship programme is based on the company's future needs. This means that your child has a very good chance of remaining a part of our Nordmark family even after successfully completing their apprenticeship.

How long does the apprenticeship last?

The apprenticeship lasts from 2 to 3.5 years, depending on the apprenticeship occupation and school-leaving qualification. You can find more information on the apprenticeships offered here

When should my child apply?

The best time is about a year before the start of apprenticeship—in the summer of the previous year.

How does the online application work?

You can find our currently available apprenticeships here. If your child would like to apply for one of the vacancies, please click on the "Apply Now" button found in each advertisement. In the following steps, the online application should be completed.

We will confirm receipt of the application to your child with an automatically generated email.

What are the chances of being taken on after the apprenticeship?

The chances of being taken on are very good. However, we cannot give a guarantee of employment at the beginning. Apprentices who successfully complete their apprenticeship and convinced us with their commitment have a good chance of continuing to work for Nordmark.