Manufacture of pharmaceutical products

Pancreatin pharmaceutical products

Pancreatin powder and excipients are processed into film-coated tablets or film-coated microtablets, which are supplied in capsules or in bulk in glass bottles (with dosage spoons).

At Nordmark, pancreatin pellets contain 100% active ingredient. They are available in capsules as bulkware or as a finished drug product. More...

Heparin drugs

Heparin is obtained over several extraction steps from the intestinal mucosa of pigs. The Heparin Sodium manufactured by Nordmark complies with the Heparin Sodium requirements as defined by the European Pharmacopoeia.

Collagenase products

We manufacture collagenase products for two different applications: as active pharmaceutical ingredients for wound healing ointments (Collagenase N Powder) and as a biochemical (Collagenase NB) for use in analytical and medical tissue engineering laboratories. More...

Protein formulation

The formulation of protein-based active pharmaceutical ingredients is one of the most important core competencies of Nordmark’s Pharmaceutical Development  Department. Enzymes in traditional pharmaceutical dosage forms such as capsules, microtablets, tablets and ointments have been part of our product portfolio for decades. More recently, we have strengthened our focus on the development of appropriate pharmaceutical dosage forms for dermal, parenteral, oral and inhalation application of innovative protein-based active pharmaceutical ingredients produced by Nordmark.


In our Pharmaceutical Development we optimize the enteric coating of film-coated microtablets.