Research at Nordmark – the most recent methods in protein biochemistry, enzyme analysis, molecular biology, cell cultures and virology

A broad range of methods

The array of methods used in our research laboratories matches Nordmark's special know-how in handling proteins and includes the most recent methods used in protein biochemistry and in particular in enzyme analysis. Furthermore, this department also has laboratories equipped with parallel reactors for the fermentation of prokaryotic cells and for molecular biology, cell culture and virology applications. The capabilities of our sophisticated laboratories extend beyond the normal standards, by offering: HPLC, capillary zone electrophoresis, photometry, enzyme and protein analysis, determination of carbohydrate structures, DNA and RNA techniques as well as the development and validation of cell-based bioassays and virological test methods. Central aspects of our capabilities include the characterisation of new and partially highly complex biological active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as the performance of initial stability tests and stress studies.

The focus of our research

In addition to active ingredient and drug development, the focus of our analytical research work is on the development and ICH compliant validation of new analytical methods and their implementation in initial routine analysis settings. Finally, within the framework of a method transfer, in the last step the analytical methods are transferred to our Quality Control laboratories for routine testing.