The Nordmark Snake Farm

The sophisticated and challenging Snake Farm concept is a new development entirely driven by Nordmark’s engineers and employees. In this project, it was particularly important to ensure ideal climate and habitat conditions for the snakes, to create the strictest possible safety infrastructure and to remove all factors that could lead to active ingredient contamination.

The Snakes

Malayan Pit Vipers (Calloselasma rhodostoma) are very sensitive to temperature changes. They require specific, warm temperatures and a constant, high ambient humidity. In a pharmaceutical context, their keeping and breeding is very high maintenance. They need to reach a certain age before they can be milked. The distinctly bigger females yield more venom than the males due to their body mass. Generally, however, only very small amounts of venom can be obtained from the snakes in the “milking” projects.

The “Farm” concept

The Snake Farm has a large capacity and  at present, there are several hundred reptiles of all ages living here. A constant day and night cycle is simulated for the snakes by means of a special lighting system. Different temperature zones ensure the snakes to not go outdoors: the temperature in the “Snake Keeping Areas” meets the ideal conditions, while the adjoining areas become distinctly colder in two successive stages.

Highest security and specialised experts for the snakes

There are several high security doors between the snakes and the outer perimeter walls of the Snake Farm. All entrances and exits are secured by means of biometric door locks; the individuals entitled to enter specifically defined areas are closely scrutinised and highly restricted. Poisonous snake specialists are scarce in Germany,  so it was also a challenge to build a qualified snake care team; yet, today, we have a small and highly committed team that takes care of the snakes.