Bacterial Lipase (BaLi)

Within the scope of the BaLi development project, a recombinant lipase obtained  from the fermentation of bacteria is purified from the culture supernatant under GMP conditions.  This purified enzyme is tested in clinical trials with patients suffering from the failure or impairment of the pancreatic digestive function (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, EPI). Read more about it here.

Fibrinogenase (Ancrod)

Ancrod is a fibrinogen splitting enzyme that may be therapeutically significant in a number of indications, as it lowers the fibrinogen level in blood, leading to a reduction of blood viscosity.

Pepsin Ph. Eur.

The extract containing the protease pepsin is obtained from porcine gastric mucosa. This extract is then used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in drugs designed for the treatment of stomach disorders. We process the extract into a proprietary Nordmark drug called Enzynorm® f.

Active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing authorisations

Nordmark has manufacturing authorisations for the following active pharmaceutical ingredients:

Pepsin Ph. Eur.
Low molecular weight Heparin Sodium
(Ph. Eur. and JP)

Here you can find out more about our manufacturing authorisations and GMP certificates.