National Nordmark product portfolio

The pharmaceutical products in Nordmark’s product portfolio contain active ingredients produced in-house, such as pancreatin (in Pankreatan®), heparin (in Thrombophob®) and Pepsin Ph. Eur. (in Enzynorm® f). These products are distributed via our subsidiary Nordix Pharma Vertrieb GmbH.

With Pankreatan® 10,000, 25,000 and 36,000, Helopan® 10,000, Enzynorm® f, Marax® 800 and Elugan®, Nordmark offers a tried-and-tested range of products for use in digestive disorders. You can find more information about our product range here.

International Nordmark product portfolio

We deliver Nordmark drug products to Austria, Luxembourg, Russia and the Ukraine:
Thrombophob®-Gel and Thrombophob®-S Gel (Austria) as well as Thrombonor® 60000 Creme and Thrombonor® 60,000 Gel (Luxembourg).  All of these products contain heparin, which is used for the treatment of haematomas and swelling, typically as a result of (sports) injuries, such as sprains or bruises, or for the treatment of superficial venous inflammation. Ermital® 10,000, 25,000 and 36,000 (Russia and Ukraine) is used for the treatment of digestive disorders, similar to the German Pankreatan®. Among other substances, Prohepar® (Russia) contains liver extract as a hydrolysate and Vitamin B12 as active ingredients and is used as a hepatoprotective agent.