National Nordmark product portfolio

The pharmaceutical products in Nordmark’s product portfolio contain active ingredients produced in-house, such as pancreatin (in Pankreatan®), heparin (in Thrombophob®) and Pepsin Ph. Eur. (in Enzynorm® f). These products are distributed via our subsidiary Nordix Pharma Vertrieb GmbH.

Nordmark is offering a broad range of products to manage digestive disorders due to exocrine pancreas insufficiency. Under the brand name Pankreatan® capsules with enteric coated microtablets of 10,000, 20,000, 25,000 and 36,000 Ph. Eur. units are available. The range is completed by the high dosage Pankreatin 40.000 Nordmark®, as capsule with enteric coated pellets.

International Nordmark product portfolio

We deliver Nordmark drug products to Austria, Luxembourg, Russia and the Ukraine:
Thrombophob®-Gel and Thrombophob®-S Gel (Austria) as well as Thrombonor® 60000 Creme and Thrombonor® 60,000 Gel (Luxembourg).  All of these products contain heparin, which is used for the treatment of haematomas and swelling, typically as a result of (sports) injuries, such as sprains or bruises, or for the treatment of superficial venous inflammation. Ermital® 10,000, 25,000 and 36,000 (Russia and Ukraine) is used for the treatment of digestive disorders, similar to the German Pankreatan®