Progressive, thorough, flexible: Packaging at Nordmark

At Nordmark, packaging moves to a higher level. Our packaging operations include lines for bulk and ointment filling and for blister packaging as well as encapsulation machines. In the areas of encapsulation, bulk material filling and blister packaging we have specialised in pancreatin products. However, we also process other products such as tannin albuminate or potassium chloride. In the ointments area  we primarily fill collagenase and heparin products. One of Nordmark’s specialties is the aseptic filling of collagenase containing ointments. Of course, other products can also be made up. We are happy to advise and answer any questions you may have in this regard.


Peak performance and high precision – encapsulation at Nordmark

We operate rotary table machines with production speeds of up to 120,000 capsules per hour. The main encapsulation product is pancreatin. The required quantities of pellets or microtablets are exactly set using a volumetric method (capsule sizes 3 to 00).

If the dosage needs to be highly accurate, e.g. because of a very low quantity of active pancreatin ingredient, a dispensing drum machine is used. Microtablets are dispensed in the exact numbers required. In this way, approximately 13,000 capsules per hour can be produced (capsule size 4).

Meeting the strictest hygiene requirements – ointment filling at Nordmark

In the ointments area, we primarily fill collagenase containing ointments and heparin products. On an additional production line we exclusively fill tubes with sterile ointments. In our clean room classes A and B we meet the highest clean room requirements set for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Non-stop perfection – Packaging of bulk material at Nordmark

On our packaging lines for bulk material we place capsules, tablets and sugar-coated tablets into plastic tubs or glass bottles – with snap-on or screw closures – and package the drugs ready for shipping. We ensure the precise performance of each individual production step and monitor the entire process with technical control systems.

Strong protection – blister packs at Nordmark

In addition to plastic foils, our blister-packaging machine also processes aluminium thermoforming film. The humidity sensitive pancreatin products are packaged in aluminium-aluminium blister packs.

Nordmark packaging development

For our particularly humidity sensitive pancreatin products, our Packaging Materials Department has developed a proprietary packaging system with an aluminium layer in the cap, thus creating an outstanding barrier against ambient humidity. This system was perfected with a child-resistant screw closure.

Clean room classes at Nordmark

Nordmark has more than 10 Class C rooms for production, four Class B rooms and three Class A in B work zones. For more information, please see Facts & Figures.