We think and produce across product lines – This is our strength

We combine into one powerful package what most pharmaceutical companies only offer as separate services: expertise in active pharmaceutical ingredients and the experience required for drug manufacture. We implement the entire value chain in a fully integrated process – from obtaining active pharmaceutical ingredients, through all the intermediate steps, to the bulk product and the finished pharmaceutical product. This high-performance combination ranks us among the leaders in the global markets of biological pharmaceutical active ingredients and drug product manufacturers.

One-stop shopping for active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products

Nordmark is the one-stop solution for all services. Our customers can rely on us to deliver products at every stage of the value chain, from active pharmaceutical ingredients to finished drug products. We advise, develop, analyse and produce based on our customers’ needs. We can help in the preparation of clinical studies and be an innovative partner for customised joint production. With this approach, customers benefit from our multi-year know-how and the state-of-the-art Nordmark technologies.

Our specialties

Our work focuses on biological and biotechnologically produced active pharmaceutical ingredients, with an emphasis on proteins. We master all current disciplines and methods of both traditional and modern process development, protein biochemistry, biotechnology and analytics. Also in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, we have specialised in biological active pharmaceutical ingredients and offer sophisticated expertise in this specialty.

Our main product is pancreatin.  Other key areas are the production of collagenase and heparin.  More information about Nordmark’s production activities can be found under drug substance & drug product manufacturing.  The technologies and disciplines in which we are able to provide peak performance based on our many years of specialisation in biological active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products are presented  here.

An important pillar of our strategy is the development of biotechnologically produced active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products. With the acquisition of BIBITEC  for process development in 2012 we significantly expanded our expertise in the area of animal cell cultures.  BIBITEC specialises in the development of production processes for recombinant proteins from mammalian cells in scales up to 100 litres. We are now able to span the full range of biotechnological development from laboratory (animal and plant) cell cultures through pilot plant scales all the way to the final production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products.

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