The best possible start to a career

An apprenticeship at Nordmark is demanding and requires a lot of commitment from our trainees. We are delighted to be able to say that our own ranks have produced outstandingly trained employees with the best possible preparation to meet the challenges of our business. This is exemplified by the special distinctions earned by some of our trainees, who performed particularly well in their respective graduation years.


Best in Schleswig-Holstein in the “Job Requiring Training” category – IHK Schleswig-Holstein
Torsten Lochmann, Pharmaceutical Production TechnicianSummer Session 2005
Best Examination Grade in the “Job Requiring Training” category – IHK Elmshorn District
Anna Greffenius, Pharmaceutical Production TechnicianWinter Session 2001/2002
Irina Wolwowskaja, Office ClerkSummer Session 2002
Daniel Borgwardt, Electronics Technician, Operations


Winter Session 2002/2003
Sebastian Kehr, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session 2002/2003
Anne Jobst, Chemical Laboratory AssistantWinter Session 2004/2005
Jan Reimann, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session 2004/2005
Torsten Lochmann, Pharmaceutical Production TechnicianSummer Session 2005
Sebastian Lee Katzki, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session2005/2006
Lennart Dahl,  Industrial Mechanic, Operations TechnologySummer Session 2007
Lasse Krüger, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session 2007/2008
Nathalie Tamschick, Chemical Laboratory AssistantSummer Session 2008
Svenja Schwark, Industrial ClerkWinter Session 2009/2010
Benjamin Ley, Chemical Laboratory AssistantSummer Session 2010
Kim-Tobias Porath, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session 2013/2014
Johanna Groth, Chemical Laboratory AssistantSummer Session 2015
Marcel Kevin Gehn, Chemical Laboratory AssistantSummer Session 2017
Lovis Maßler, Mechatronics TechnicianWinter Session 2017/2018
Tamara Horn, Chemical Laboratory AssistantSummer Session 2019
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