Worth knowing about Nordmark – an overview

Here you will find a short overview of the facts and figures about Nordmark. Learn more about the size and structure of the company and the background to our technical challenges and environmental protection measures.

Nordmark has worldwide business relationships

Geographic data

  • Corporate site: 175,000 m2
  • Landscaped areas: 120,018 m2
  • Built volume: 223,647 m3
  • Production area: 11,550 m2


Nordmark employs approximately 550 people. With our highly qualified employees we can fully staff the core competencies of our company and therefore are not dependent on outside resources. Nordmark is particularly interested in sponsoring “new talent” in the company to ensure a consistently high qualification standard. Since 2001, 15 apprentices have completed their traineeships at Nordmark with "Distinction".

Finished drug product output 2018

  • Solid formulations: 665 t
  • Creams and gels: 125 t
  • Packaging units: approx. 15 million

Nordmark is the biggest collagenase manufacturer worldwide.

Financial trends

  • 2018 approx. € 90 million
  • Investment and maintenance volume since 2001 over € 210 million

Clean rooms for the manufacture of active ingredients and drug products

Nordmark has clean rooms of Classes A, B and C, in compliance with EU GMP Directives. In clean rooms, the number of airborne particles and germs that are introduced into the room or are generated is monitored and kept as low as necessary.

Nordmark has:

  • Ten Class C rooms for production
  • Four Class B rooms, in three of which Class A areas are created by means of laminar flow for aseptic work (sterile production)

Energy consumption, supply and savings measures

  • Until 2019, 1,000 kg of steam were generated and 38,000 m3 of air were climate conditioned every hour for the snake farm.
  •  Since April 2012, Nordmark has had a gas-fuelled combined heat and power plant. With this CHP-plant and additional energy savings measures, Nordmark has reduced its CO2 emissions by 3,200 tons each year. It is intended to reduce energy consumption by 30% through the implementation of appropriate energy savings measures.

  •  Nordmark has also developed an energy-saving scheduling system for air conditioning in the production area. With this system, the air is continuously maintained at a constant high quality during working hours, and then throttled back to the minimum necessary quality standard outside working hours. 

Occupational health and safety, environmental protection and energy management

Occupational health and safety, environmental protection and waste disposal are important considerations in a business, for which Nordmark has created a special “Safety and Environment” department. Employees of this department are also responsible for fire fighting measures (with our own fire brigade), data protection and obtaining the DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) certification and the preparation of the DIN EN ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems) certification process. Moreover, they also fulfil the relevant officer functions.

Nordmark’s waste management is also in the hands of the “Safety and Environment” department. At Nordmark, waste is painstakingly separated into appropriate categories before disposal. More than 90% of the waste is processed by external contractors for material reutilisation, raw material recycling or energy recovery, primarily using biological methods such as biomethanisation.

Other examples of our highly functional occupational safety, environmental and energy management system are our fire-fighting water collection system, the use of biofilters, our refusal to use plant protection agents and biocides, our comprehensive technical and organisational energy efficiency measures and our high occupational health and safety standard.

Nordmark meets technical challenges with the help of its own engineers

Nordmark employs a team of eight highly qualified engineers with special know-how in process development and optimisation. The team is particularly involved in the design, planning and construction of sophisticated technical pharma projects, such as the construction of the climate technology plant for Nordmark’s Snake Farm. The team also develops and delivers the appropriate design studies.