We bear responsibility for people and the environment

As a manufacturer of high quality drug products and active pharmaceutical ingredients, we bear a special responsibility towards people and the environment. Safety and a robust environment are values that are closely linked to the concept of health and therefore represent an important obligation for our company. Economic considerations, environmental and occupational health and safety measures are corporate priorities of equal importance for us. Against this background we develop and make products that are manufactured, stored, transported, marketed, used and disposed of safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner.

Only the best for health, safety and environmental protection

We employ the best available technologies to ensure a high standard of health, safety and environmental protection. We operate our plants with care and monitor and document our facilities, products, emissions and waste disposal measures. Compliance with all pertinent legal requirements is self-evident for us. Insofar as possible and economically feasible, we also implement additional environmental protection measures going over and above standard requirements.

Sophisticated programmes for greater sustainability

We pursue continuous improvements to our environmental protection performance and regularly generate sophisticated programs to help us accomplish this goal. Such programs include the promotion of raw materials and energy consumption reduction measures as well as the promotion and adoption of new scientific and technical findings in environmental protection. We require our suppliers and subcontractors to meet the same high standards in matters of corporate environmental protection practices that we apply to ourselves.

An active, open and objective dialogue

We promote safety and environmental protection awareness for all our employees through regular training sessions and up to date information about the significance of environmental protection concerns. We entertain an active, open, objective dialogue with governmental agencies, professional associations and the administrative departments of the local authorities. Furthermore, on request, Nordmark comprehensively informs the public about our environmental protection activities.


Nordmark is certified according to ISO 14001. This certification is accepted worldwide and attests to the full functionality of Nordmark’s environmental protection management system.