Nordmark - The company

We are flexible, independent and globally active

Nordmark is a medium sized, owner-managed company founded in 2001 as the result of a management buyout from the BASF Group. Inspired by the organisation and high quality standards  of our former parent company, as an independent pharmaceutical enterprise, we successfully develop, procure and produce biological active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products through all stages of the value chain.

Sustainable progress

Nordmark’s products are subject to continuous development based on the latest scientific findings, new technologies and a clear understanding of the most recent regulatory requirements. Nordmark guarantees sustainable progress by permanently enhancing and improving our in-house Research and Development functions, especially in terms of environmental protection, economic viability and profitability

Attractive working conditions

As an employer, we promote consistent and continuous training and education for all our staff. Attractive working conditions and latitude for responsible action encourage Nordmark’s personnel to deliver peak performance. In this way we ensure persistent high service to guarantee product quality.