Nordmark Biotech as a Partner

Nordmark Biotech, the biotechnological division of Nordmark, is a specialist with a long-term expertise for providing tailor-made solutions for the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals from lab to production scale. In this context, we are able to offer expertise in both systems – microbial as well as mammalian –  to our customers.

Services cover the entire value chain from process development to marketed drugs, including pharmaceutical formulation as well as fill and finish. Moreover, Nordmark Biotech is able to offer analytical as well as regulatory services to support the successful development of your product. With nearly 90 years of excellence and commercial success, Nordmark is the ideal partner to bring your ideas to market.




Nordmark Biotech
Dr. Jan Heyland
Pinnauallee 4
25436 Uetersen
T +49 (0) 4122 712 907
F +49 (0) 4122 712 545