Application Protocols

Acinar cells human
Adipocytes human NB 4
Adipocytes human NB 6
Adipocytes murine
Amnion and chorion cells human
Cardiomyocytes human
Cardiomyocytes rodent
Chondrocytes bovine
Chondrocytes human NB 4
Chondrocytes human NB 6
Chondrocytes mouse
Chromaffin cells bovine rodent
Endometrial cells human
Endothelial cells rom rodent aortas
Endothelial cells HDMEC human
Endothelial cells HUVEC human
Epithelial cells gastric mucosa rodent
Epithelials cells from mammary gland murine
Epithelials cells from thyroid glands human
Fibroblasts from skin human
Fibroblasts from skin human NB 4
Fibroblasts from skin human NB 6
​​​​​Fibroblasts from skin rodent
Hepatocytes human NB 4G
​​​Hepatocytes human NB6​
​​​Hepatocytes porcine
​​​​​​​Hepatocytes rodent
Isolation of human adipocytes NB 6
Isolation of human chondrocytes NB 6
Isolation of human neurons
​​​​​​​Isolation of Rat Islets protocoll 2013
Lung cells murine
Mastocytes from intestinal mucosa human
Melanoma cells murine
Myocytes human
Neurons rodent
Oocytes Xenopus
Osteoblasts human
Osteoblasts murine​​​​​​​
Protocol Islet Isolation NB 8 pig 2013
Schwann cells human
Schwann cells rodent
Stem cells from whartons's jelly human NB 4
​​​​​​​Stem cells from whartons's jelly human NB 6
Tumor cells from colon human
Tumor cells human​​​​​​​


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